Community Building: 1605 Graham Avenue Windber, Pa 15963
Recreation Park and Pool: 160 Recreation Road Windber, Pa 15963
Director's Office: 1605 Graham Avenue Windber, Pa 15963
 CB: 814-467-6696 
Pool: 814-509-6624
Windber Municipal Authority
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  • GPS ADDRESS:   Windber Community Building 1605 Graham Avenue, Windber, Pa. 15963
  • Format:    – Round Robin, Each team guaranteed 3 games.
  • Awards:    1st and 2nd place teams will receive awards
  • Rules: Official PIAA basketball rules apply except for the following:
  1. All games will be (2) 20 minute halves. Running clock until last two minutes of each half. 4 minute halftime.
  2. One 2 min overtime (then 1st to score if no winner)
  3. Each team will receive 2 Full and 1 30 second timeout per game.
  4. Teams may ONLY press LAST MINUTE OF EACH HALF.
  5. Bonus will be at 7 team fouls and double bonus at 10 team fouls.
  6. Teams are asked to be ready for their game 15 minutes prior to tipoff.
  7. Coaches are responsible for their players, before, during, and after the games.
  8. Coaches and players may be ejected from tournament for fighting or foul language.
  9. All rules will be in accordance with PIAA rules.



  • Please no AAU or All-Star teams, Elementary affiliated teams only
  • We will provide a clock operator, 2 officials (most cases a PIAA ref) and scorekeepers for all games.
  • No unsportsmanlike conduct from coaches, players or fans will be tolerated.
  • No outside food or drinks will be permitted in the gym.
  • All decisions made during games will be conducted by officials and tournament directors and will be final.
  • Basketballs will not be provided for warm ups. Game balls will be at each game table, however, teams will NOT be able to use that to warm up. So please bring your own.
  • Daily admission fees
    • All proceeds benefit the Windber Municipal Authority

Adult Rate per day               $3.00

Student Rate per day          $1.00



Please add my contact information into your phone:

      Matt Grohal


Cell Phone: 814-418-5797