Community Building: 1605 Graham Avenue Windber, Pa 15963
Recreation Park and Pool: 160 Recreation Road Windber, Pa 15963
Director's Office: 1605 Graham Avenue Windber, Pa 15963
 CB: 814-467-6696 
Pool: 814-509-6624
Windber Municipal Authority
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Windber Rec Public Pool

See you May 27th, 2023 for opening day!

Memorial Day-Labor Day

Rates 2023
$10.00 per Adult
$7.00 per Child
3 and under FREE
$3.00 for Senior

All are welcome!




It is important for members to know the rules pertaining to our guests.  Knowing these rules and seeing to their enforcement will promote the safe environment that Windber Recreation Park strives to achieve.




1.            DRUGS, ALCOHOL, TOBACCO PRODUCTS, and PROFANITY are prohibited.  Violations of this rule would be grounds for revocation of pool privileges.


2.            Pets, gum, glass containers, large stereo equipment, and personal floating devices (pfd) are not permitted in pool enclosure.


3.            Personal floating devices, large inner tubes, toys, balls, etc., are not permitted in the large pool.


4.            Jean cutoffs, jewelry and suits with metal snaps, zippers, etc., are prohibited.  Please keep all jewelry, money and valuables at home.  We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.


5.            Horseplay and running are not permitted inside the pool perimeter.


6.            Masks, fins, or snorkels are not permitted.  Swim goggles are also permitted.


7.            Food, drinks, and LARGE PICNIC COOLERS are not permitted inside pool area.


8.            Hanging on lane ropes is not permitted.


9.            There will be a FIVE DOLLAR ($5.00) FEE to re-issue a pool pass, no exceptions.


10.         Playing or socializing near the lifeguard stand is prohibited.


11.         No children under 12 are to be admitted without adult supervision.


12.         Take out deliveries are prohibited – no food deliveries inside the pool area.


13.         Picnic tables and benches are not permitted to be moved inside the pool area.


14.         No transferring a pool membership or daily ticket.  This will revoke your membership or admission to the pool.




1.            T-shirts, jean cut-offs, jewelry, suits with metal snaps, zipper, etc., are prohibited.


2.            Single entry only


3.            Glasses must have a strap.


4.            PFD’s are prohibited.


5.            Must be 42” in height and competent swimmer.


6.            Must sit or lie down feet-first.


7.            No climbing “up” the slide.

8.            Catch pool for person exiting the slide ONLY.


9.            Must exit the catch pool immediately.


10.         No stopping on slide.


11.         Pregnant woman or individuals with back problems are prohibited from use of the slide.


12.         Not permitted to hang or swing on crossbar before entering the slide.




1.            All bathers must shower completely before pool use.


2.            Persons with opened wounds or skin eruptions will not be admitted.


3.            Babies must wear approved disposable swim diapers (no pampers permitted in the baby pool)


4.            No one  permitted to turn on the showers and use for a “heater”




1st Offense                15 minutes out of pool

2nd Offense               Expelled from pool and pool enclosure for the day

3rd Offense                Pool privileges provoked


***SPECIAL NOTICE***There will be an adult swim session every ¾ hour.  All swimmers under the age of 18 will be cleared from the pool for 15 minutes.  Anyone using the baby pool, other than toddlers, for swimming, running, and creating a disturbance, will be told to leave and your pool privileges could be revoked.  To be permitted in the baby pool you must be 6 years of age or younger.




1.            The decision to close the pool area is solely determined by the Recreational Director and/or Pool Manager.


2.            A guideline for temperature is very difficult to specify because the humidity and wind play and influential role.  The pool manager and/or his/her designee will use his/her own discretion as to whether the temperature could create a hazardous situation.


3.            Continuous rain is cause for not opening.  If rain occurs during the course of the day the pool will remain open.  The pool will close if thunder and/or lightening are present.


4.            All persons must exit the perimeter of the pool when directed during thunderstorms and or lightening.


5.            Safety Hazard-If pool’s chemical balance falls out of “safe” range as specified by DER, the pool will close early, or will be closed until safe range is maintained.


Depending on weather, we also will schedule Night Swims and Movie Nights throughout the summer.

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